Northern Academy of Art

A space in which people interested in and working within the arts can share their practice and knowledge.

At a time when the range of visual arts can be bewildering the Northern Academy of Art will focus on delivering those core skills essential to a further understanding of the visual arts. We will create opportunities to deliver those bodies of knowledge and skills through a series of artist/crafts people led workshops, seminars and lectures. These will feature local, regional and national figures leading workshops, demonstrating their skills and sharing their knowledge and experience.

NAofA will create a programme of events to which people will subscribe.
Gift Certificates are available for NAVA Courses

The Facilities

Each workshop will be delivered in the large flexible studio space that is at the heart of the Northern Academy of Visual Art. This is a well lit and well equipped space; there are studio sinks, tables, chairs, easels and lockers for the use of students. Work can be stored between sessions and wet work can be collected at a later date.

Adjacent to the space are a number of artist studios, toilets and a pleasant and welcoming café for refreshments. Adjoining the main studio and café is a well appointed gallery in which there is a stimulating programme of exhibitions including the work of tutors so that each student has the advantage of seeing the actual work of their teacher. There is also a temporary display space where visitors can see a record of previous workshops including artworks and photographs and also the full programme of workshops arranged by the Northern Academy of Visual Art.
There is free parking and easy access to the Redbrick Mill Retail Park which has further cafes, bookshop and a well stocked outlet selling a wide range of artist materials at a reasonable price.

Materials are not included in the courses unless specified