Helping people to create success


HotchPotch uses arts and crafts to empower people to make their lives richer.

Our vision, mission,

and principles

Our aim is to use creativity to make peoples lives better, build communities and encourage self-confidence. By encouraging existing interest in arts and crafts, and offering new creative experiences, we hope to improve individual lives, reduce social exclusion, and help to build stronger communities.


Inclusive events for any occasion, team building, idea generation, and maximizing partisipation.

Our mission is to make art and craft available to everyone. We encourage people of all ages to explore art and crafts they know and enjoy, and enable them to try new, untried ones. Building on an individuals own experiences and their own vision of their world, and enabling them to create art and craft items which are an expression of their own experience.

What  we do!

With social interaction at the heart of what we do, enabling young people to develop interpersonal skills, self-belief, and social responsibility. Working to help individuals to understand who they are and how others perceive them, helping them create items of worth, and develop products which others are willing to purchase.




hard won in hard times

successes and failures

developing the whole person

Our experience has been gained working with EBD schools, PRU’s, and as external provision for more challenging students in mainstream education, both pre and post 16. Our methodology centres on developing the whole person using crafts as a support for creating confidence and developing social skills.


the future in their hands

safe and supportive

Developing ideas for enterprise in a safe and supportive environment, and leveraging partners to support the enterprises we hope to encourage young people to recognise that they have the ability to change their own futures.

Working to help individuals to understand who they are and how others perceive them.

HotchPotch• The UCAN Centre• Carlton• Pontefract• WF8 9YU

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